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Secured and Compliant - Tailored Cloud Solutions

Our cloud-based solutions offer a wide range of infrastructure options, a solid development platform, and industry-leading services. We handle everything from cloud assessment to cloud migration, cloud optimization, and cloud stabilisation.

Our Services

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Artificial Intelligence

Our solutions are built on the most comprehensive cloud platform, with high-performance computing tailored for machine learning and no sacrifices on security and analytics.

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Cloud Assessment

We can help with assessing the cloud environment, reporting on critical security gaps, recommending remediation measures, and re-architecting for optimum performance.

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Cloud Migration

We assist in the migration of data, software, and other business elements from their current platform to a more stable and high-performing cloud environment.

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Cloud Optimization

Our smarter cloud strategies provide for more flexible, accurate, and cost-effective migrations. We assist our clients with rapid digital transformation at higher scale and speed.

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Cloud Discovery

Regardless of where you are on your cloud migration path, our cloud discovery solutions can provide a composite view of cloud deployments and help you reduce total cost of ownership.

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managed services

Cost Optimization

We provide strategic and operations consulting services that help our clients achieve meaningful cost savings. Our cost-cutting assistance is backed up by our industry-leading benchmarking and best-practices database.

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Data Analytics

CloudFence's data and analytics services and solutions can help you gain valuable analytical insights into various data. We offer analytics solutions that combine human and artificial intelligence to transform data into useful information.

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We offer DevOps consulting services as well as end-to-end bespoke tools and strategies to help businesses make the move to agile cloud infrastructure as smoothly as possible.

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Disaster Recovery

CloudFence managed backup & disaster recovery tackle the challenges of growing business data and the need to protect it. We create a data protection program to meet your specific needs, then monitor and manage that program on a daily basis.

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Why Choose CloudFence

  • We offer cost-effective cloud solutions and provide competitive edge to stay ahead of your competitors
  • We offer high-level security for data and databases and cloud hosting that is more environment-friendly and results in less of a carbon footprint
  • We provide flexible cloud solutions so that users can scale services to fit their needs
  • We offer mobility which includes cloud dashboards, real-time statistics, and active analytics reduce the administration burden
  • We look after the cloud quality control that maintains consistency in data, avoid human error, and give a clear record of any revisions or updates
  • We provide quick data recovery for all kinds of emergencies, from natural disasters to power outages

Our Services


We are your one-stop SaaS solution provider. We work towards building and nurturing SaaS businesses around the world with impressive strategies. Enquire now to get hassle-free and seamless guidance.

CloudSec & Cyber

To deal with a variety of emerging security threats, we dispense cost-effective and scalable solutions. With our security services, you can strengthen your security plan.

Cloud computing

Managed Services

We are connoisseurs at delivering managed services that are fully operational and error-free. Our operated NOC service provides data network technical support and 24x7x365 monitoring and guidance.

Cloud computing

Digital Transformation

Our experts deliver transformational growth for our clients, limitless to their targeted audience. We consult, strategize & execute strategies to deliver digital growth to their organizations.

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