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SLA Management

SLA is an integral part of any IT vendor contract. It refines and create information about offered services and customer expectations in one document for reference purposes.

It is critical that both parties remain on the same page, have the same vision, and interpretate all the points listed in the agreement. Also, both parties should be held liable for breaking the rules mentioned in their SLA document.

Why is SLA important?

SLA stands for the “service-level agreement.” It is an agreement made between a party that offers some service and users of those services. The contract includes the list of services and highlights the quality standards that the provider should follow to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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What is SLA Management?

SLA (Service Level Agreement) management is the process of managing SLAs to help companies define, document, monitor, measure, report, and review the performance of their provided services.

Our professional SLA management services should include:

  • Setting realistic conditions that our service provider can ensure
  • Meeting the needs and requirements of our clients
  • Establishing the right metrics for evaluating the performance of the services
  • Ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions agreed with both the parties
  • Avoiding any violations of SLA terms and conditions.

An SLA is a preventive means to help organizations establish a transparent relationship between both parties involved and increases confidence among the team. Such a document is essential to a successful collaboration between a client and its service provider.

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